Transportation Services

Transportation Services
Image Take your event on the road! Odawa Casino offers specialized transportation services for all your event needs.

VIP Coach
Option #1

$200.00 per coach
In combination with a confirmed event.
Minimum $500 required.
VIP Coach
Option #2

$300.00 per coach
No other event required.

Capacity of each coach is 16 guests not including the driver. Choice of black coach or white coach based on availability. Odawa Casino reserves the right to change coach appearance without prior notice.

All transportation options are for 2 consecutive hours. Each additional consecutive hour is $75.00. The total hours must be submitted to determine contract pricing.

All hourly transportation prices are subject to 20% gratuity. Hourly rates are based on transit time from Odawa Casino to the pickup point and back to Odawa Casino. Any additional transit time will be added to the overall rental time by rounding up to the next hour.

Payment in full is required 14 days in advance for all transportation functions unless prior credit arrangements have been established with Odawa Casino. A credit card must be submitted before a reservation can be made valid.

Odawa Casino shuttles offer transportation between area hotels and Odawa Casino only.

Food & Beverage

Any food and beverages (this includes alcoholic beverages with the exception of jello shots) of your choice are allowed, providing you and/or your guest adhere to the cleaning deposit portion of this policy. Excess spillage of food and beverages may result in suspension of privileges or additional cleaning. Glass bottles are not permitted. Odawa Casino promotes the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Vehicle Damage Liability

Smoking of tobacco products, the use of illegal narcotics and/or controlled substances, or the illegal underage use of alcohol is NOT PERMITED while in or near the coach.

Damage to any equipment, bus parts (i.e. windows, seats, carpets, electronic equipment, etc.) will be charged to the client at actual replacement value. Damage may include but not be limited to broken windows, ripped, stained or burned seats and/or carpet, damaged electronic equipment, etc. Additional charges for damage will be applied to the credit card on file.

Odawa Casino employees and/or agents do not accept any responsibility for clients or their guests' actions. The client and their guests agree to hold Odawa Casino, its employees and agents harmless from any wrongful actions or injuries to the client or their guests, inclusive of the cost to defend against.


Suzanne Sipe, Group Sales Manager
Odawa Casino
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Petoskey, MI 49770
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