Poker Room

Poker Room
This is where the action is!


The current amount as of 9/21/2014 is:


The Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot could hit at anytime.  The Bad Beat Jackpot is for Texas Hold 'em cash games only.  Please contact the Poker Room at extension 8876 for current amount.

Crazy Pineapple Poker Tournament   

September 20
Play time: 3pm


Turbo Thursday Poker Tournament

Thursdays at 7pm

See Poker Room for details 

Sunday Freeze Out

Every Sunday at 6:00pm

Player Buy-In $40 ($33 prize, $7 registration) = $3000 chips
$5 dealer add-on (100% dealer gratuity) = $1000 chips

Team Member Deep Stack Bounty Tournament

First Monday of the month at 7:00pm
Player Buy-In $45 ($28 prize, $10 bounty, $7 registration) = $5000 chips
Odawa Casino TM Buy-In $45 ($40 bounty, $5 registration) = $5000 chips
$5 dealer add-on (100% dealer gratuity) = $1000 chips

Deep Stack Bounty Tournament

Every Monday at 7:00pm (excluding the first Monday of every month)
$45.00 ($28 prize, $10 bounty, $7 registration) = $5,000 chips
$5.00 dealer add-on (100% dealer gratuity) = $1,000 chips 

Wednesday Re-Buy Tournament 

Every Wednesday at 7:00pm
$30.00 ($23 prize, $7 registration fee)= $1,500 chips
$5.00 dealer add-on (100% dealer gratuity)= $1000.00 chips
$10.00 unlimited re-buy for the first hour receives $1,500 chips *
$20.00 add-on 1st break receives $3,000 chips
Paid registration before the day of the tournament receives $500 more in chips
* can only re-buy when chips are below $1500

See individual tournament sheets for more details.
Register in the poker room only.
Paid registration starts two weeks in advance for all tournaments.
Phone registration will be accepted on the day of tournament by a poker room team member only during poker room hours. (231) 439-6100 ext. 8876.
Players must check in 15 minutes before scheduled start time to guarantee their seat.
Only paid registration guarantees a seat.
Players must arrive before the tournament starts in order to play, unless prior arrangements have been made with Poker Supervisor.
Odawa Casino Resort reserves the right to cancel or change any tournament without prior notice.
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